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New Colombo Plan

New Colombo Plan


Under the New Colombo Plan scholarship program, almost 10,000 Australian undergraduates will work and study in the Indo-Pacific region – including Indonesia ‑ by end 2016. The scholarships program helps them to develop in-country experience, new insights, professional networks and an enthusiasm for engagement with our region.

The Australian Government is encouraging businesses and NGOs – including Indonesian organisations ‑ to consider participating in the New Colombo Plan by offering internships in the Indo-Pacific region to Australian undergraduates.  Businesses and NGOs offer a great diversity of professional experience – from logistics, finance, administration, human resources and marketing to humanitarian, medical, engineering and technical roles.

By offering internships, organisations benefit by:

- harnessing the skills of talented young Australians

- accessing graduates who may be valuable future employees, volunteers and supporters

- building awareness of the organisation’s objectives and challenges

- joining the future of Australia’s engagement with our neighbours.

Organisations can register interest on the NCP Internship and Mentorship Website ( or emailing  Follow us @NewColomboPlan.



Deakin University is working with International Internships this summer to facilitate the Deakin Global Leaders Internship Program, a 12-week internship and cultural immersion program for a select group of high-performing students, which will run from Dec-Feb 2015-16.  The program is funded by the Australian Commonwealth Government through the New Colombo Plan (NCP) and is supported by the Indonesia Australia Business Council (IABC). 


IABC member organisations are welcome to take part in this program by either hosting a student as an intern or becoming a mentor for one of the students. If you are interested in either of these opportunities, please contact Jack McNaught at International Internships ( or click here for more information about the program.