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Invitation for nomination of IABC Presidential Candidate & Statement of Commitment

Dear Members


RE: Invitation for nomination of IABC Presidential Candidate


The IABC Executive Board has recently formed IABC Nominating Committee in preparation for the election of IABC President later in 2018. The Nominating Committee is chaired by IABC President, with IABC Board members Leigh Dixon as Vice Chair, David Sutanto and Steven Barraclough as members.


The position of President of IABC provides the holder with a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of guiding the commercial relationship between Indonesia and Australia, acting as a conduit for business concerns with the highest levels of the Indonesian government and also holds an influential position to advise the Australian Embassy on economic concerns.

On behalf of the IABC Nominating Committee, I am writing to invite you to nominate potential IABC Presidential candidates. The criteria set by the IABC Nominating Committee are as follows:

1.    Indonesian Citizen

2.    Fluency in English

3.    Current involvement in bilateral relations for at least 5 years as business executive, diplomat or government official

4.    Submit bio and willing to sign statement of interest/commitment

5.    IABC paid-up member or in the case of non-member, willingness to sign up as paid-up member before submitting the nomination


All nominations must be sent by email to the Chairman of Nominating Committee ( and copied to the Vice Chairman (, by the latest on c.o.b. Friday, 23 March 2018.


We encourage members to participate in this nomination process. If you have any questions, please send them to the IABC Nominating Committee by email.


With kind regards


Noke Kiroyan

IABC President

Chair IABC Nominating Committee


Please click the link for the Statement of Commitment Form